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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jazz Etude Books

Evan Tate, tenor saxophonist and instructor, has published a couple of excellent jazz texts, both of which will benefit beginning and intermediate level jazz musicians. They also happen to be great resources to use with our tracks.

250 Jazz Patterns is available in print and digital editions. The exercises are very hip and musical, unlike some other pattern books out there. Here's a list of contents:

• Preliminary exercises
• Major Patterns
• Minor Patterns
• ii-V7-I Patterns
• iim7b5 - V7b9 - i Patterns
• Tritone Substitutions
• iv - bVII7 – I
• Turnarounds
• Pentatonic Scales
• "Bebop" Scales
• Blues Scales
• Symmetrical Scales & Patterns
• Jazz Solo Etudes on: Blues, "Rhythm" Changes,
Cherokee, Giant Steps and Lady Bird for Bb and Eb instruments
• 5 Solo Transcriptions

Tate's other excellent book is Blues and Rhythm Changes in All Keys. In this one he writes out a full two choruses of solo material in each key for two of the most used jazz progressions.