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Sunday, February 26, 2012

FREE Jazz Play-Along Videos of the Month

Here are links to this month's video mixes, "Rhythm Changes" in Bb. Play with the track while the chord changes scroll by.

TRIO (for horn players)

PIANO/DRUMS (for bass players)

BASS/DRUMS (for guitar, keyboard and vibes players)


PlayJazzNow site re-design

We've just spent the last few months reorganizing the layout of the site to make the tracks you want more accessible. Each set of tracks now has its own separate page plus we've implemented several of your suggestions, including:
  • Many more of our STANDARDS tracks are available in a single key
  • Each instrument (and voice) now has an individual SONG LIST
  • Some popular sets are now sporting an even lower price
  • Most downloads now include chart pdfs (and we're working to make that ALL d/ls)
Here's a brief video explaining the new setup: